ID1 Series


– 4-Way Tower Speaker
– Dual 10″ Subwoofers
– 800 wRMS
– 25 Hz – 22 kHz (+/- 3dB)
– 56″ H × 11″ W × 10.5″ D

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Induction Dynamics ID1 2013 Front


– 4-Way In-Wall Speaker
– Dual 10″ Subwoofers
– 500 wRMS
– 27 Hz – 22 kHz (+/- 3dB)
– 54.5″ H × 13.5″ W × 3.875″ D

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– 4-Way On-Wall Speaker
– Dual 10″ Subwoofers
– 500 wRMS
– 27 Hz – 22 kHz (+/- 3dB)
– 54.5″ H × 13.5″ W × 4.25″ D

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– 4-Way Tower Speaker
– Dual 15″ Subwoofers
– 1,000 wRMS
– 19 Hz – 22 kHz (+/- 3dB)
– 62.75″ H × 17.5″ W × 15.5″ D

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ID1 Series Features


High & Low Subwoofers

3-Way / 4-Way Switch

S4X™ Crossover

Wide Angle Technology™

Patented Mounting System

Custom Finish

Custom Grilles

Subwoofer Amplifiers

The ID1 Series is the ultimate in freestanding, full-range speakers. State of the art drivers, tightly controlled by patented electronics, pump rich sound from deep bass to crystal clear highs. For added versatility, ID1 and ID1.15 include a unique switch that toggles between 3 & 4-way operation, giving you full control over the massive built-in subwoofers. This switch allows the ID1’s to excel in 2-channel applications as well as left/right mains in a surround sound system.

Aesthetics and acoustics combine in Induction Dynamics’ elegant wall mount speakers, providing reference-grade sound in a package that both audiophiles and interior designers will appreciate. The key to the compact wall-mounted enclosures lies with the patented S4X® crossover: The inductively stacked coils reduce circuitry space requirements, which allows placement of a full-size crossover into a shallow enclosure.

Induction Dynamics ID1 Series

Induction Dynamics ID1 Audiophile Voice Review 2The first thing you’re likely to notice about the floor standing ID1’s is their unique subwoofer placement – utilizing a high and low subwoofer.

Why this non-traditional approach? Even bass response.

You’ll notice that as you walk around a room, bass response fluctuates widely – this is due to cancellations called room nodes. When subwoofers are coupled close together, they simply reinforce each others cancellations.

The floor standing ID1’s utilize spaced subwoofers to limit the effect of these room nodes. When one subwoofer experiences cancellations, the other doesn’t. This normalizes peaks and valleys, dispersing bass evenly throughout the entire room.

iddFor extended bass response and greater sound pressure levels, the ID1 can be bi-amplified with a dedicated subwoofer amplifier. Although many loudspeakers feature simple bi-amp terminals for this purpose, the ID1 provides further control, which is what makes it so equally suited for both music and cinema.

For maximum versatility, the ID1 series features a defeatable low-end crossover switch that turns the subwoofer crossover on and off. The sealed high-current, 4-pole, cadmium plated switch gives the user three possible configurations:


1) 4-Way Passive
Looking to simplify things? Attach the provided terminal straps and plug in your full-range amplifier to the bottom set of terminals.
Induction Dynamics ID1 4 Way Passive

2) Passive Bi-Wire
This configuration leaves the internal crossover engaged, while giving you independent subwoofer control for better bass and transients… No external processing needed. Important: Make sure to remove the terminal straps in bi-wire mode!
Induction Dynamics ID1 Passive Bi Wire

3) Active Bi-Wire (Advanced)
To take full advantage of bi-amplification, the “3-way + subwoofer” configuration defeats the internal 80 Hz crossover completely. Remember – you will need to apply an active high-pass filter to your main amp, and an active low-pass filter to your subwoofer amp.
Induction Dynamics ID1 Active Bi Wire

IDaThe S4X inductively stacked crossover coils not only take up half the space of traditional 4th order crossovers, but also produce the industry’s steepest crossover slopes.

The unique design produces slopes in excess of 30 decibels per octave, optimizing each driver’s performance both individually and when interacting with the other drivers. The unique technologies increase control over range, frequency response, phase, and impedance.

The S4X crossovers are overbuilt with the highest quality electrical components. Low saturation coils and low dissipation capacitors are designed to handle high power levels without heat buildup, ensuring consistent and reliable performance at any volume.

Crossover frequencies are inherently problematic because sound from two very different drivers must be added together harmoniously, on and off axis. Typical crossovers are optimized on-axis, but allow phase mis-alignment in the vertical off-axis response. Vertical phase mis-alignment results in a loss of sound quality when standing up or reclining.

The patented Wide Angle Technology™ in the unique S4X™ crossover has the capability to completely align phase between drivers. By utilizing steep S4X slopes and Wide Angle Technology, the crossover limits driver interaction and optimizes phase in the off-axis region, generously widening the listening “sweet spot.” Experience consistent audio perfection – regardless of whether you’re sitting, lying down, or moving around the room.

Wide Angle Technology Induction Dyamics

Induction Dynamics In Wall On Wall Stud GrabbersPatented Stud-Grabbers™ Eliminate Stress on Drywall

By attaching directly to studs, the patented Stud-Grabber™ system eliminates stress on drywall while providing a much more solid mounting position. The Stud-Grabber system is designed to fit in between standard 2×4 studs for easy installation.




Induction Dynamics In Wall On Wall Rubber SuspensionPatented Rubber Suspension Eliminates Vibration

Powerful speakers can vibrate and damage drywall over time. That’s why Induction Dynamics speakers utilize heavy-duty, one-piece aluminum boxes with a patented rubber gasket suspension to actively de-couple the baffle from the studs and drywall.

Any satin finish of your choice can be provided at no additional charge, and custom veneers, paints, and designs are also available.

Induction Dynamics can match any sample you provide. Metallic flakes, textures, patterns, and gloss/matte finishes are all possible. Have an artist or painter you prefer? Cabinets can be shipped to a finisher of your choice prior to final assembly.

Custom Colors

Far from ordinary, Induction Dynamics grilles are assembled by hand and utilize a patented, non-reflective design that eliminates reflections and distortion caused by traditional grille designs.

An extensive selection of 63 standard fabrics add a splash of color to your listening room or blend in with walls, carpet, or furniture. Custom grille fabrics are also available by request.

Custom Grilles

For improved low end extension and increased sound pressure levels, the ID1 Series is also built to take full advantage of the A Series patented limiters and filters. The ID1’s bi-amp terminals and unique 3/4-way switch allow both passive and active amplification of the ID1’s powerful dual subwoofers.

A Series amplifiers provide massive real-world continuous power output, ultra-low noise and distortion, and built-in processing to match your ID1’s subwoofers.

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*Due to space constraints, the A3 can only be installed on the ID1.15 and ID1.18

A Series