S2 Series


– 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker
– 175 wRMS
– 55 Hz – 22 kHz (+/- 3dB)
– 15.25″ H × 8.5″ W × 8″ D

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– 2-Way In-Wall Speaker
– 175 wRMS
– 55 Hz – 22 kHz (+/- 3dB)
– 17.375″ H × 13.5″ W × 3.875″ D

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– 2-Way On-Wall Speaker
– 175 wRMS
– 55 Hz – 22 kHz (+/- 3dB)
– 21.75″ H × 8.5″ W × 4.25″ D

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– 2-Way Freestanding Speaker
– 175 wRMS
– 48 Hz – 22 kHz (+/- 3dB)
– 45.5″ H × 8.5″ W × 8″ D

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– 2-Way Corner Speaker
– 175 wRMS
– 55 Hz – 22 kHz (+/- 3dB)
– 15.25″ H × 8.5″ W × 8″ D

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S2.l & S2.r

– 2-Way Corner Speaker
– 175 wRMS
– 55 Hz – 22 kHz (+/- 3dB)
– 15.25″ H × 8.5″ W × 8″ D

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S2 Series Features


S4X™ Crossover

Wide Angle Technology™

Bipole/Dipole Option

Patented Mounting System

Custom Finish

Custom Grilles

Custom Stands

Black Satin FinishThe S2 Series incorporates an S4X® Crossover that has been optimized to deal with challenging acoustic properties presented by small rooms and edge/corner/ceiling mounting. When you have a tricky installation, this series is designed to round out your theater system, with each speaker tuned specifically for its intended application.

The S2 and S2.T feature the most compact bookshelf, freestanding, in-wall, and on-wall speakers in the Induction Dynamics family. When space is at a premium, these 2-way speakers offer outstanding performance for their size.

The S2.c, S2.l, and S2.r are designed for tough ceiling, wall, andmcorner mounting. They utilize a modified S4X crossover design to actively compensate for on-wall baffle effects that degrade sound coming from tight spaces. Due to their large beveled corners, the S2.l and S2.r can mount on a ceiling or wall, pointing out at 45o. The S2.c features dual beveled corners for vertical corner mounting or horizontal mounting between the ceiling and wall.


IDaThe S4X inductively stacked crossover coils not only take up half the space of traditional 4th order crossovers, but also produce the industry’s steepest crossover slopes.

The unique design produces slopes in excess of 30 decibels per octave, optimizing each driver’s performance both individually and when interacting with the other drivers. The unique technologies increase control over range, frequency response, phase, and impedance.

The S4X crossovers are overbuilt with the highest quality electrical components. Low saturation coils and low dissipation capacitors are designed to handle high power levels without heat buildup, ensuring consistent and reliable performance at any volume.

Crossover frequencies are inherently problematic because sound from two very different drivers must be added together harmoniously, on and off axis. Typical crossovers are optimized on-axis, but allow phase mis-alignment in the vertical off-axis response. Vertical phase mis-alignment results in a loss of sound quality when standing up or reclining.

The patented Wide Angle Technology™ in the unique S4X™ crossover has the capability to completely align phase between drivers. By utilizing steep S4X slopes and Wide Angle Technology, the crossover limits driver interaction and optimizes phase in the off-axis region, generously widening the listening “sweet spot.” Experience consistent audio perfection – regardless of whether you’re sitting, lying down, or moving around the room.

Wide Angle Technology Induction Dyamics

bipoledipole When used as surrounds, a pair of S2.c’s can be coupled together in a bipole/dipole configuration.

A bipolar setup (speakers wired in phase with each other) is generally placed behind your listening area. The result is a wider sound stage and more enveloping special effects.

A dipolar configuration (speakers wired out of phase with each other) is useful when you don’t have room behind your listening area. By placing a dipolar speaker out to the sides, they form a “dead zone” in your listening area while distributing sound all around the room. This allows the listener to experience surround sound effects without being able to pinpoint the source.

Induction Dynamics In Wall On Wall Stud GrabbersPatented Stud-Grabbers™ Eliminate Stress on Drywall

By attaching directly to studs, the patented Stud-Grabber™ system eliminates stress on drywall while providing a much more solid mounting position. The Stud-Grabber system is designed to fit in between standard 2×4 studs for easy installation.




Induction Dynamics In Wall On Wall Rubber SuspensionPatented Rubber Suspension Eliminates Vibration

Powerful speakers can vibrate and damage drywall over time. That’s why Induction Dynamics speakers utilize heavy-duty, one-piece aluminum boxes with a patented rubber gasket suspension to actively de-couple the baffle from the studs and drywall.

Any satin finish of your choice can be provided at no additional charge, and custom veneers, paints, and designs are also available.

Induction Dynamics can match any sample you provide. Metallic flakes, textures, patterns, and gloss/matte finishes are all possible. Have an artist or painter you prefer? Cabinets can be shipped to a finisher of your choice prior to final assembly.

Far from ordinary, Induction Dynamics grilles are assembled by hand and utilize a patented, non-reflective design that eliminates reflections and distortion caused by traditional grille designs.

An extensive selection of 63 standard fabrics add a splash of color to your listening room or blend in with walls, carpet, or furniture. Custom grille fabrics are also available by request.

Custom Grilles

Accessories Stand Pic-use thisThe most important function of a speaker stand is to raise the speaker’s tweeter to ear level. Humans can easily pinpoint from where higher frequencies (the kind a tweeter produces) originate. For music and movie dialogue to sound accurate, speakers must be positioned at the optimal height.

Built from the same high-quality materials as the speaker cabinets, stands offer functionality and style for Induction Dynamics bookshelf, center channel, and subwoofer models. The ST1 single-post stand is custom-made to ensure a perfect fit without drilling into your speaker. Stands include a built-in wire channel on the back side to keep wiring neat and out of sight.