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Custom Home Theater Photos: Mel B of the Spice Girls

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You’ve see these custom home theater photos scattered throughout our site, so we figured we’d compile them into one blog post, in high-resolution for your viewing pleasure! Every reputable custom home theater company needs celebrity approval sometimes, right? Click on any of the images for full-screen.


The Construction Process

Just last year, Melanie B (also known as “Scary Spice” of the Spice Girls) chose a full line of Induction Dynamics speakers for her outstanding custom home theater installation. If you’re looking at the color scheme and thinking “that looks familiar,” you’re not the only one. Melanie was looking to match her custom Induction Dynamics speakers to the iconic Ferrari paint.


An Induction Dynamics artisan applies the final polish to an ID1.15

But we didn’t just match it – our painters actually called the Italian factory and convinced them to send us a few cans of the exact same paint that’s used on their million-dollar Ferrari (seriously!). Induction Dynamics painters applied a dozen coats of the paint, each sanded and polished. The hard work paid off and resulted in a realistic, ultra high-gloss, mirror-like Ferrari finish.

Yellow midbass drivers really set the speakers off upon completion, matching the bright, complimentary yellow commonly seen on the Ferrari logo. The attention to detail, fine craftsmanship, and high performance of every Induction Dynamics speaker matches the high-status image we all know the Italian automaker stands for.

On to the rest of the custom home theater photos!

The Front & Side Stage

What really sets these custom home theater photos apart from most is the front stage. The front stage is handled by the best-sounding full-range speakers we produce: The ID1.15. The 4-way S4X design confidently handles every audible frequency from 20-20,000 Hz to levels above most high-end movie theaters, and with far better response and low-end extension. For music listening, the surround sound and SW2 subwoofers can be turned off for a classic, true-to-format stereo experience that’s still full-range thanks to the ID1‘s powerful built-in subwoofers.

For front and center dialogue, the 3-way C1.8 Center Channel provides directional realism for the entire room and is designed to keep up with the powerhouse ID1.15‘s.

Off the the sides, a pair of S1.8 bookshelf speakers were custom-built into the wall to provide side fill for the 7.2 surround sound system.

The Rear Surrounds

The rear surround effects are handled by another pair of S1.8‘s custom-built into a pair of wooden cabinets. A bit overkill for surrounds perhaps – but we like it!


The Bass

Although the ID1’s are fully capable of bass duty on their own, Melanie wanted subwoofers to drive the low-end extension even louder and lower. The powerful 18″ SW2‘s were built into the stadium seating console for a seamless, custom look. This is one of our favorite custom home theater photos!

The Bar

With the adjoining bar, Melanie added a third pair of S1.8‘s to round out the sound for social gatherings and general music listening. The speakers can be switched on or off to play along with the rest of the system, run independently for bar-only listening, or shut off during movies.



Thanks for checking out our custom home theater photos! We’re always looking for great installations – if you have a high-end Induction Dynamics installation, we want to see it!

Melanie Brown (Mel B, Scary Spice) Home Theater / Game Room - Beverly Hills, CA - Ferrari Red Gloss FinishResources

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