3-Way/4-Way Defeatable Crossover Switch

For extended bass response and greater sound pressure levels, the ID1 can be bi-amplified with a dedicated subwoofer amplifier. Although many loudspeakers feature simple bi-amp terminals for this purpose, the ID1 provides further control, which is what makes it so equally suited for both music and cinema.

For maximum versatility, the ID1 series features a defeatable low-end crossover switch that turns the subwoofer crossover on and off. The sealed high-current, 4-pole, cadmium plated switch gives the user three possible configurations:

1) 4-Way Passive

Looking to simplify things? Attach the provided terminal straps and plug in your full-range amplifier to the bottom set of terminals.
Induction Dynamics ID1 4 Way Passive

2) Passive Bi-Wire

This configuration leaves the internal crossover engaged, while giving you independent subwoofer control for better bass and transients… No external processing needed. Important: Make sure to remove the terminal straps in bi-wire mode!
Induction Dynamics ID1 Passive Bi Wire

3) Active Bi-Wire (Advanced)

To take full advantage of bi-amplification, the “3-way + subwoofer” configuration defeats the internal 80 Hz crossover completely. Remember – you will need to apply an active high-pass filter to your main amp, and an active low-pass filter to your subwoofer amp.
Induction Dynamics ID1 Active Bi Wire

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