Industry-Leading Parts and Quality Control

Testing And Adjusting the Components

Induction Dynamics® owns its own cutting-edge electronics engineering, assembly and testing facility, operated under stringent quality control protocols. The electronics manufacturing process begins with the careful testing of all custom-built audio components; these components are hand-adjusted to a tolerance of 0.3% (typical industry tolerance is 5-10%). Extremely close tolerance of all electronic components assures high accuracy in the frequency response of the crossover, assuring audiophile-quality sound reproduction throughout the spectrum. During this process we also weed out any drivers that don’t perform within a narrow optimal range.

Final Assembly and Testing

The last assembly phase takes place at the electronics installation facility where skilled technicians install the electronics and drivers into the cabinet. After the final wiring is done, comprehensive performance testing is carried out under rigorous quality control conditions. After a final cleaning the speaker is carefully packaged and ready for shipping.

The level of dedication, skill and attention to every detail throughout the entire manufacturing, assembly and testing process results in a creation that is an elegant merger of aesthetics and technology-a beautiful and reliable speaker that is ready to entertain by delivering audiophile-quality sound for the ultimate home theater system. That’s why Induction Dynamics® is-Audio Perfection Realized™.

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