Isobaric Subwoofer

What’s an Isobaric Subwoofer?

Induction Dynamics® engineers had one goal in mind when designing The SW1 isobaric subwoofer: A compact, high-fidelity home theater sub without compromise.

Typical home theater subwoofers use a traditional bass-reflex (often referred to as “ported” or “vented”) design. This enclosure type uses a tuned port to utilize the rear wave of the subwoofer for additional output. Although efficient, they are usually designed to cut costs. Upon disassembly, you’ll find cheap, short throw drivers, over-rated amplifiers, and thin particle boards with little to no bracing. These subwoofers are also plagued with port noise at high volumes as well as peak frequencies between 40-60hz, which leads to a “boomy” and fatiguing listening experience. Although this can work for certain types of music, home cinema demands flat, controlled response.

Isobaric Subwoofer waves

To curb peak frequencies and extend low end response, the Induction Dynamics SW1 isobaric subwoofer takes advantage of an airtight, push-pull technique – all in a compact footprint and a hand crafted custom finish that matches the decor of your home.

The isobaric subwoofer design utilizes twin long-throw 15″ drivers, coupled face-to-face internally, to stiffen the driver suspension and effectively double its motor strength. This method essentially cuts enclosure size requirements in half. So despite the fact that the SW1 only measures 17″ square, the isobaric subwoofer behaves as if though it was twice as large! The improved suspension has other benefits as well. Increased cone control means less distortion and clean, effortless bass that truly immerses you in your music and movies.

The SW1 can take some serious power, too. The 500 watt RMS drivers can be powered with our matching A2 external amplifier or the integrated A3 – or with your existing amplifiers at home. Choose from a custom finish or one of several standard finishes: Rosewood Gloss, Black Gloss, Black Satin, Sports Car Red, White Satin, as well as 63 standard grille colors.

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