Patented Subwoofer Processing

Non-realistic, “boomy” bass frequencies are so prevalent in the home theater world that some listeners have never heard a well-tuned subwoofer. The “boom” occurs because every subwoofer has a natural resonance peak-that is, every subwoofer will naturally produce a narrow range of low frequencies at a higher volume than the rest. This “boom” drowns out higher frequencies your subwoofer produces, resulting in diminished performance and muddy, poor-quality bass.

Induction Dynamics® engineers its subwoofers with high-performance drivers and specialized filter circuits to eliminate resonance peaks and produce a fuller sound expressing all bass frequencies.

Most subwoofers do not attempt to reproduce ultra-low frequencies because of the distortion created by excess excursion. Induction Dynamics® eliminates this distortion with a patented frequency-selective excursion limiter.

The excursion limiter allows the subwoofer to produce ultra-low frequency sound but prevents the driver from overexerting and causing distortion that could ruin your listening experience; the limiter itself is transparent, operating only at specific frequencies without audibly switching on and off.

Resonance Peak Eliminated

You’ll hear the difference when the Induction Dynamics® subwoofer filter circuit removes the resonance peak and produces an even, smooth bass. Leave the BOOM behind and enjoy the true deep bass you were meant to hear.

Your Choice of Amplifier

Induction Dynamics® subwoofers have several amplification options. By using the external A2, you’ll be free to place our subs in tight areas with little ventilation (just make sure the A2 has room to breathe). The SW1, SW2, SW3, and SW4 models are also available with built-in A3 amplifiers, saving space for other equipment.

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