S4X® Super 4th-Order Crossovers

The name, Induction Dynamics, is derived from the patented S4X Super 4th-Order Crossover network. The S4X inductively stacked crossover coils not only take up half the space of traditional 4th order crossovers, but also produce the industry’s steepest crossover slopes. The unique design produces slopes in excess of 30 decibels per octave, optimizing each driver’s performance both individually and when interacting with the other drivers. The unique technologies increase control over range, frequency response, phase, and impedance.

The S4X’s reduced space requirements allows complex, oversized circuitry to fit inside low-profile wall-mounted designs. Only Induction Dynamics’ wall-mounted speakers truly offer low-profile designs with performance that matches their full-sized, freestanding counterparts.

The S4X crossovers are overbuilt with the highest quality electrical components. Low saturation coils and low dissipation capacitors are designed to handle high power levels without heat buildup, ensuring consistent and reliable performance at any volume. Prior to installation, each crossover is quality control tested to within a 0.3% tolerance to ensure uniformity between individual speakers.

This innovative design also reduces space requirements which allows complex circuitry to fit inside on- and in-wall speakers. Experience Audio Perfection Realized™ from any combination of Induction Dynamics speakers.

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