State-of-the-art woodworking, painting, and finishing

Induction Dynamics® owns and operates a state-of-the-art woodworking, painting and finishing plant in Lenexa, Kansas; keeping the facility close by assures the highest level of quality control throughout the numerous cabinet manufacturing and assembly processes. All raw materials used in constructing the speaker cabinets are the finest available and supplied by carefully chosen vendors.

The cabinet fabricating process begins in the woodworking area where a highly sophisticated CNC machine cuts the many complicated composite and wood components with precision and repeatability (our larger speakers are made with a special lightweight material to keep down the overall weight).

In the assembly area, skilled artisans hand assemble the hundreds of individual pieces and detail the cabinet for the next phase in the building process.

To build a rosewood cabinet, we hand select materials for the best, most consistent grain patterns. We then apply as many as twelve coats of finish and hand sand between each application. After polishing the outer surfaces to a rich, glossy finish, the rosewood cabinet is sent to the electronics installation facility.

To finish black gloss and black satin speakers, unfinished cabinets are sent to the painting area. There, artisans spray multiple coats on the cabinet. Black gloss speakers receive extra coats, and are polished to a glossy mirror finish.

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