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Large Home Theater Speakers… What’s the Point?

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Large Home Theater Speakers - Induction Dynamics ID1.15

Large Home Theater Speakers – Induction Dynamics ID1.15

When it comes to home entertainment, “bigger is better” is the motto we live by. That’s why you won’t see us tinkering with Home Theater in Box system or “mini hifi systems.” All of the large home theater speakers built by Induction Dynamics utilize numerous unique and proven technologies including exclusive, patented S4X Driver-Control Technology and other patents issued or pending – all customized to express your sophisticated taste in audio.

Are large home theater speakers really necessary?

So, is “bigger” really “better”? The truth is, small speakers can have the same sound quality and range as their larger counterparts – it’s the environment and proposed use that will dictate the appropriate size choice. For a small office or parlor room, high SPL and low end extension are generally undesirable – so large home theater speakers aren’t really necessary. However, home theater often requires high-fidelity sound at high volumes, especially if you like your music and movies loud!

Large home theater speakers are desirable for their low-end response. Generally speaking, the larger the enclosure, the more bass. Large home theater speakers, like those made by Induction Dynamics, are best suited for living rooms, family rooms, and home theaters – places where heavy listening occurs and the sound levels can be higher than usual. As a general rule of thumb, the louder you want the sound to be, the bigger the speaker will need to be if you want the sound quality to remain constant and distortion-free.

Do I need large speakers to have a loud system?

Sort of… You don’t necessarily need large mids or highs… even high-end surround speakers are generally compact – but you do need large subwoofers. There’s an old adage in the audio world that says: “Space Makes Bass.” Much like displacement in your car engine, more airspace generally means more performance. Modern, high-excursion drivers help keep subwoofers manageable, but there’s no replacement for displacement. So you actually don’t need to have large home theater mains, centers, or surrounds… But you will need fairly big subwoofers to handle big low end. No matter how much technology you fit into a subwoofer, an 8″ or 10″ woofer just isn’t going to cut it for serious home theater. Luckily, subwoofers are fairly easy to hide or build into walls, furniture, and decor.

Large Home Theater Speakers - Subwoofers

Space Makes Bass!

So the size of my mains doesn’t matter?

It does, to some extent. Mains and centers benefit from size, while surrounds don’t always benefit. Audio is directional (meaning you can tell where it’s coming from) down to 60-80hz. Most subwoofers are crossed over just above that, so you’ll be able to tell that some of your audio content is coming from the floor.

Large mains will play lower, meaning you can save the ultra-low end for your subwoofers. This will not only improve your sound stage, but it will take a bit of stress off your subwoofers – letting them get louder and lower. In addition, a big set of mains can hold more speakers and bigger crossovers – A proper 3 or 4 way-design generally outperforms its 2-way counterpart.

Large Home Theater Speakers - Surround


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