ID1 Series

The ID1 Series is the ultimate in freestanding, full-range speakers. State of the art drivers, tightly controlled by patented electronics, pump rich sound from deep bass to crystal clear highs. For added versatility, ID1 and ID1.15 include a unique switch that toggles between 3 & 4-way operation, giving you full control over the massive built-in subwoofers. This switch allows the ID1’s to excel in 2-channel applications as well as left/right mains in a surround sound system. Aesthetics and acoustics combine in Induction Dynamics’ elegant wall mount speakers, providing reference-grade sound in a package that both audiophiles and interior designers will appreciate. The key to the compact wall-mounted enclosures lies with the patented S4X® crossover: The inductively stacked coils reduce circuitry space requirements, which allows placement of a full-size crossover into a shallow enclosure.

S1 Series

With free-standing, bookshelf, in-wall, and on-wall options available you’ll have complete freedom to customize your home entertainment system. Like all Induction Dynamics speakers, the S1 Series incorporates full-sized, patented S4X® crossovers, even in the low-profile wall-mounted models.

S2 Series

The S2 Series incorporates an S4X® Crossover that has been optimized to deal with challenging acoustic properties presented by small rooms and edge/corner/ceiling mounting. When you have a tricky installation, this series is designed to round out your theater system, with each speaker tuned specifically for its intended application.

C Series

Crucial to home theater, our center channels produce crisp, clear dialogue and special effects imaging. S4X Crossovers separate frequencies so well, even difficult consonants like “S” and “C” are produced clearly, ensuring your high-definition video has audio to match.

SW Series

“Boomy” bass is so prevalent in the home theater world that many listeners have never actually heard a properly-tuned subwoofer. Listeners shouldn’t be able to identify a subwoofer’s location. However, many subwoofers utilize designs that sacrifice linearity and transparency for sheer output, resulting in a large peak at the resonance frequency. By utilizing acoustic suspension enclosures, high-excursion drivers, and a filter circuit to eliminate resonance peaks, Induction Dynamics subwoofers produce clean, authoritative bass throughout the entire sub-bass range.

A Series

A Series amplifiers provide massive real-world continuous power output, ultra-low noise and distortion, and powerful built-in processing to match your Induction Dynamics subwoofers. Both the A2 and A3 utilize patented technology to reduce distortion and protect your subwoofers from damage. Induction Dynamics amplifiers protect your subwoofers and eliminate distortion by utilizing a patented frequency-selective excursion limiter. For improved low end extension and increased sound pressure levels, the ID1 Series is also built to take full advantage of the A Series patented limiters and filters. The ID1’s bi-amp terminals and a unique 3/4-way switch allow both passive and active amplification of the ID1’s powerful dual subwoofers.

S2 Series Discontinued

S1 Series Discontinued

SW Series Discontinued

C Series Discontinued

ID1 Series Discontinued

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