ID1 Series Discontinued

A full range of Induction Dynamics models is available to facilitate various application scenarios.  All models have the same voicing and come with grill frames designed to reduce reflection and refraction. In-wall and on-wall models use perforated aluminum.  The wood frame design used on box models is patented.


4-Way On-Wall Speaker w/ Dual 10″ Subwoofers
The ID1.w combines dual 10″ subwoofers with a 3-way loudspeaker to create a high-quality on-wall speaker for home theater. Use a home theater processor or receiver to provide the subwoofer crossover and to operate the ID1.iw as part of a surround system. Faceplate is removable so aluminum backplate can mount directly to wall. S4X® circuitry compensates for on-wall baffle effects....
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