Speaker Stands

To customize your freestanding speaker system, consider Induction Dynamics speaker stands. Built from the same materials as our speaker cabinets, stands offer functionality and style for our freestanding bookshelf and center channel models.

Rosewood Gloss Finish Speakers and Stands

The most important function of a speaker stand is to raise the speaker’s tweeter to ear level. Humans hear higher frequencies (the kind a tweeter produces) as more directional than bass sounds. For music and movie dialogue to sound intelligible and realistic, speakers must be positioned at the proper height.

The deep sounds produced by a subwoofer are not perceived as directional, but placing a sub on the floor creates its own set of problems. Furniture and other obstacles can interfere with the low frequency waves, resulting in an uneven frequency response and an imperfect listening experience. To give a subwoofer the height it needs to fully express all bass notes evenly, we’ve built subwoofer stands strong enough to handle their weight and heavy movement.

Center Channel Stand
Height: 24.5″
Width: 28.25″
Depth: 10″
Weight: 17 lbs.

Bookshelf Speaker Stand
Height: 23.125″
Width: 10.5″
Depth: 10″
Weight: 13 lbs.

Subwoofer Stand
Height: 30.125″
Width: 10.5″
Weight: 14 lbs.

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Accessories Stand Pic-use this

ST2 Subwoofer Stand

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