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How to Achieve Proper Subwoofer Placement… Even Without the Subwoofers!

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Does Your Home Theater Suffer From Uneven Bass?

If you’re reading this, you likely know that bass response is heavily affected by room nodes, tricky room acoustics, and boundary loading. With a single subwoofer, you’re almost certain to have enormous, uneven peaks and valleys throughout the room, regardless of subwoofer location. The generally accepted solution to this problem is one that few people really want to hear or implement: Add more subwoofers!

Why Add More Subwoofers?

The explanation is pretty straightforward – Placing subwoofers in numerous locations around the room means that when one experiences cancellations, the others don’t. The more you add, the more even the bass (with some trial and error testing, of course). 2-4 subwoofers are very common in high-end home theater installations.

Proper Subwoofer Placement Without Dual Subwoofers - Subwoofer StandBut proper subwoofer placement means lots of time, lengthy wire runs, and of course multiple subwoofers… which can add up quickly! And of course, you’re going to have subwoofers littering the room (or you’ll have to do several complex in-wall installations).

Because aesthetics are so important at Induction Dynamics, we do offer tasteful, custom-made freestanding, in-wall, and on-wall subwoofers if you decide to go the traditional route. We even make custom stands that make placement easier, and reduce uneven bass further.


Multiple Subs… It’s Just Not My Thing!

We can certainly empathize with those of you that don’t want to deal with all of the above. That’s where our flagship 4-way tower speaker with built-in subwoofers shines. Because the subwoofers are built directly into the ID1’s, they utilize space that’s normally reserved for floor-standing speakers in the first place. Not only are the ID1’s some of the best HiFi speakers on the market, but they’re capable of delivering incredibly detailed, crushing bass.

How the ID1 Makes Proper Subwoofer Placement a Thing of the Past

Proper Subwoofer Placement - Induction Dynamics ID1 Fixes Uneven Bass

The ID1 Series spaces its subwoofers, the same concept that professional installers use to achieve smooth, evenly distributed bass.

The first thing you’re likely to notice about the floor standing ID1’s is their unique subwoofer placement, utilizing subwoofers on the top and bottom of the speaker. Most speakers with built-in subwoofers on the market today fall short in two key areas:

1) Their subwoofers are weak relative to the rest of the speaker. Often, the towers don’t provide adequate subwoofer airspace, limiting low-end response. Usually, a stronger external subwoofer is necessary to supplement these towers.
2) Their subwoofers are coupled together near the bottom of the speaker. Although this is unavoidable in some designs, coupling subwoofers together means that they just reinforce each others’ cancellations.

The ID1, on the other hand, is built big (45″-62″ tall) and utilizes massive dual subwoofers (10″, 15″, or 18″) built right into the speaker.

The dual subwoofers take advantage of spacing (the same concept as using multiple subwoofers around the room) to normalize peaks and valleys. A pair of ID1’s, then, has bass coming from four separate sources around the room, both in the horizontal and vertical axis. This makes the ID1 incredibly forgiving when it comes to room nodes and rooms with difficult acoustics.

ID1 Sports Car RedResources

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